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Sales Manager, GM Braking in Shanghai bei ZF

Veröffentlicht: 4/11/2019


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Overall Purpose of Job

This should be a broad overview of this position’s function. Include the overall scope of the position and the authority this position possesses in terms of programs/ projects/ operations and establishing policy. 

Responsible for the control of the customer interface such that the customer relationship is clearly owned and exists within a managed environment. This position provides a single, senior level and proactive contact point for the customer.

Major Responsibilities 

List the major responsibilities and accountabilities of this position. Include quantifiable data where appropriate (i.e. budget dollars, etc.) Establish proactive and two way communication with the customer such that TRW long term business and technology strategies are understood by and are relevant to the customer and customer confidence, trust and dependence are engendered.

Create and maintain customer response mechanisms in the event of failures / issues arising compliment local product line responses.
Top level oversight of launches / customer projects so as to ensure customer expectations and TRW commitments are fulfilled.

Ensure TRW maximizes its content per vehicle by creating and executing robust multi product line capture / battle plans.

Through objective data-driven processes enable portfolio decision making (e.g. price & “givebacks”) across product lines.

Ensure customer demands are managed through the appropriate TRW control mechanism such that all responses are made within an automotive context and consistent with TRW commercial policy.

Direct customer planning activities and ensures TRW account support infrastructure is appropriate to the task.

Create, seek agreement for, and drives deployment of a TRW strategic plan for customers through the operation of the customer team and interaction with all relevant TRW functions.

Is accountable for customer profitability and revenue growth.


Key Competencies
List the critical skills, abilities, and characteristics required to perform job responsibilities.
• Experience auto industry businessperson with extensive sales and marketing experience – entrepreneur, “sees the angles”
• Recognized success at building business relationships at strategic levels within complex, international companies.
• Culturally sensitive /aware and “imports” understanding into TRW organization.
• Technically aware of the major issues facing the customer (opportunities/solutions) and TRW (today/future).
• Effective “in-front of” customer.
• Good internal / external communication skills.
• Pragmatic visionary capable of creating multi product line projects from first principles.
• Effective program manager.  Ability to “mobilize” the organization to address/respond to an issue/opportunity without “delegating upwards” other than by exception.
• Skilled negotiator – knows when to say “No”.  Commercially strong/astute.
• Sufficient stature within the organization to ensure influence and support of initiatives.
• Experience of operating within a matrix organizational structures. 
• Self starter, tenacious and robust.
• Strong leadership skills.

Education & Work Experience

Indicate the minimum level of education and work experience necessary to perform this position’s responsibilities. Include the required certifications, licenses, etc. Also, include preferred as well as necessary conditions.

Note: Desired education and work experience should be based solely on job responsibilities; they should not necessarily mirror the background of the position’s incumbent.

Education: Bachelor’s degree or above with Business Management or Trading 
Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering/mechanical. MBA preferred

Language: Fluent in local country language and English is an absolute minimum.

• 10 years experience in multinational companies, with strong sales experience and track record of revenue and profit growth. 
• Preferred in Automotive background, 5 years as manager / team leader in the field.

Contact Information

Ying Shu, z607949@zf.com

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